kgxld asked:

Hello, I was just curious to know what my hair texture may be..would you be able to determine it? Recently did the big chop..

is there a photo of your hair available?

Anonymous asked:

How do you do the wash n go?! So that it defines your curls?

I’m so sorry I’m just now answering your question (I’m a full time student 😔)! but to answer your question, I’ll first give you the link to the blog i wrote on my 1st wash and go experience [which was actually quite recent].


Now, you may want to view the YouTube video included in that link.
The basics of a wash and go are: 1) wash hair. 2) add conditioner, eco-styler gel, or both to hair. 3) using shingling method [also found in the YouTube video].

It’s sooo easy! feel free to ask me anything if the blog isn’t clear.

imatrisk asked:

Would it be safe to bleach natural hair before we dye it? My hair is a very dark black and I was thinking of doing just about half an inch from the end.

I wouldn’t suggest bleaching your hair love! Only because you’ve worked so hair for it to be natural. People often forget the being natural means shying away from relaxers but also any harsh chemicals. I would suggest purchasing a no-lye (essentially the bleaching agent) box dye for natural hair that’s super dark! Textures & Tones and Shea Moisture are 2 very good brands! I had jet-black hair and it worked well for me! Let me know if you have any other questions!